Do you find yourself typing the same texts, pressing the same buttons, or carrying out the same procedures on your computer again and again? How many times do you reply to an e-mail with a response you've typed dozens of times before? Save time by letting KeyText do it for you.

KeyText can store hundreds of boilerplate texts, ready to be typed or pasted into any application by a simple hotkey press or menu selection. Whether you type your address in online forms a few times a week, or work at a busy support desk answering e-mails, if you type the same things over and over - make life easier by using KeyText. Improve accuracy, and reduce the strain of all that typing!

Trigger text lets you set up abbreviations for your favorite texts. Type the abbreviation and KeyText expands it with the text you require. Use it for boilerplate text, difficult-to-spell words, or even for symbols/accents - set #half to type ½ or e// to type é.

KeyText can automate much more than typing. Your texts can become like macro scripts by including fields to fill in the date, run programs, click buttons, ask for input, change windows, select menu items, play a sound, display a message, visit Internet sites and more. KeyText has its own programming language, and easy wizard-based dialogs help you set it up.

Imagine - you select text in a browser or document, press a hotkey, and if it's...
• a zipcode, Google maps goes there
• an email address, a new email is started
• a web site, your browser opens it
• 2 or more words, a phrase search starts
• one word, an online dictionary finds it.
One of the KeyText samples lets you do just that!

Use the built-in Scheduler to set programs to run, or reminders to display, at specified days or times; for example, 9:00 and 17:00 every day; on the 1st and last Friday of a month; on the 15th of every second month; or on an anniversary each year. Tell KeyText to watch for windows, dialogs, or password requests appearing, and it will fill in or button-click them away.

If/then/else logic - choose different actions depending on the contents of the clipboard, currrent selection, window title, process name, variable value, pixel color and more. Use Regular Expressions to match text, or in replacement expressions to give advanced text manipulation.


What is it?

KeyText is a powerful keyboard macro and automation program for Windows. Current version is 3.20.
Release notes
KeyText User Manual (pdf)

Free to try

Download KeyText now. It's free to evaluate for 30 days, and if you decide to keep it you can buy online quickly and securely.

Easy to get started

KeyText comes with samples and a tutorial, so in no time you can be saving time and increasing productivity when working with your Windows PC.

What people say

  •  PCMAG.COM  KeyText awarded PC Magazine Editors' Choice  "Keyboard & Macro" PC Magazine, June 17 2003